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The Importance of Changing Motor Oil

Basically, motor oil can handle numerous functions within an engine compared with other fluids. Some of the important functions of motor oil include protection of the engine through proper lubrication of moving parts, easily pump important engine parts even at low temperatures, cool crucial parts of the engine by transferring the heat away and keeping internal parts clean and free from harmful and varnish residues.

How to Check your Vehicle’s Oil

Regardless of the quality of the motor oil, it can eventually wear out and can no longer perform these important tasks with efficiency. With time and mileage, the additives in the oil will be used up, which results to the engine oil to slow down. At this point, there’s a need to change the oil before residues and sludges start to build up.

There are several benefits of changing oil. Primarily, it can extend the life expectancy of your car. Oil change is an important part of car maintenance that some car owners usually set aside this need. A significant percentage of car accidents today are due to insufficient car maintenance. Changing motor oil can significantly reduce the risk of road mishaps. Continuously using old motor oil could result to shorter gas mileage that will convert to more expenses for your gas. In general, the importance of having your motor oil changed is significant, and you must make certain that your car will get enough oil changes over the life expectancy of your car.

With regular motor oil changes, your significant engine components will be well-coated and protected against too much friction and excessive heat. When you do away with oil changes, the oil may start to thicken, break down, and is continuously less effective, which could lead to damages the engines as well as the overall mechanism of your car.

If you ignore the need to change oil regularly, you may end up spending more for expensive engine repairs or even total replacement of car engine. Why risk it? It is best to follow the recommendations of experts in car maintenance. This will eventually save you a lot of time and expenses in the long run. You can also save on gas, because well-oiled vehicles efficiently burn fuel.